At Vivobarefoot we’re constantly looking for new ways to keep our footwear in use longer and give them real end of life solutions. Revivo is doing just that! Working with UK-based company The Boot Repair Company, Revivo is a program that gives our worn and returned Vivo footwear a new life; revived, reconditioned and made available to purchase, extending their life drastically and reducing the number of Vivobarefoot shoes that end up on the rubbish pile.

Returned Vivobarefoot shoes are opened up and fully inspected by our repairs team. Products are then placed onto racking and put into our spray booth where they are fully steam cleaned, sanitised inside and out using Microfresh; award-winning technology to give long-lasting freshness to footwear.

Once dry, the shoes that require attention are put into our repair shop where our skilled craft team sort out any faults. The shoes are then re sanitised with Micro Fresh before being boxed and ready to be sold. 

Don’t Panic! All orders are dispatched from our UK warehouse, and the further away from us you are, the longer delivery can take (see our Shipping and Returns page for more details).

You will receive a shipping confirmation email which contains the tracking information once your order ships. If you are having trouble tracking your parcel, or your order exceeds the expected number of days outlined in our shipping information, please contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to help you locate it.

We process refunds as quickly as possible. Please allow 14 working days, and if you haven’t received your refund by then please contact our Customer Service team.

We are working towards a goal of being able to repair your much loved Vivobarefoot and Revivo styles that after some wear and tear can be upgraded and returned back to you. We hope to announce this in more details towards the end of 2020, allowing us to continue our journey towards sustainable living.

Currently we only offer refurbished product via our Revivo site that have been sent directly as returns to Vivobarefoot.com.

We are firm believers in minimalist living and therefore only buying and using what you need. We have limited Revivo stock and want to be able to provide this to as wide a customer base as possible. If you are not completely satisfied with your Revivo purchase, please return it to us through our Returns Portal  If you have used your item and no longer need it, we recommend that you swap, share or donate your Revivo products to a good home.


If we believe that you are purchasing Revivo items in order to resell these, you will be asked to stop and may be blocked in the future from making a purchase with Revivo and Vivobarefoot. At our discretion we may also follow up with any website that you may be trading these on.

The Boot Repair Company are specialists in all aspects of footwear restoration and repair. They have a highly skilled team of shoe makers, repairers and shoe artists. They use the latest machinery and eco-friendly products to process slightly worn once loved shoes and revive them back to their former glory. Their main aim is to keep perfectly good footwear out of landfill.

If you would like more information on the Vivobarefoot brand or Vivobarefoot products, please contact the Vivobarefoot Customer Service team directly.


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Receive exclusive updates on promotions, news and product launches