All Revivo styles have been inspected thoroughly by our craft team at the Boot Repair Company in partnership with Vivobarefoot. Each product is individually processed and graded, meeting our exacting standards and have been cleaned and refurbished accordingly. All Revivo items are covered by Vivobarefoot 6-month Sustainable Guarantee.

Each product page outlines the level of condition styles are in as per our Conditions Guide. Customers can choose whether they wish to buy a product in Never Worn, Excellent, Great or Good condition when selecting their style of choice.

We encourage customers to buy our styles in the same size of shoe that you naturally wear. For more information on international sizing, our online Size Guide is here to help! If you can fit your thumb in-between the end of your toe and the front of your shoe, you’ve more than likely found your ideal size.

If you have purchased Vivobarefoot styles before you should continue to buy your normal size. After some time with our shoes, your shoe size may need to increase as your toes splay out more naturally.


We don’t currently have that kind of capacity! Thanks to the nature of our shoes however, we find that everyone is generally able to find a size that works for them.

We source all of our Revivo product directly from customer returns via our Vivobarefoot website. This means that stock can be limited, and styles may only last for a short period of time. Our Vivobarefoot website has the most up to date and biggest range of styles should you wish to buy something in particular from the brand.

It is important to look after your Revivo shoes in order to keep them living for as long as possible. We recommend the following shoe care products that will help you do this. When possible, it’s best to use natural products for cleaning and weather protection. Soapy cold water beats a washing machine when it comes to our performance shoes. Products such as Nikwax for leather great too! 

We’re also partnered with Nanex, the first 100% natural shoe cleaner with an array of products to help you clean, care for and protect your shoes whether made from natural leather or recycled materials. These products are available to purchase on the Revivo site.

Barefoot shoes are foot friendly and foot shaped! The natural foot is wide, flexible and sensory – with 200,000 nerve endings on the soles of your feet providing your brain with all the information it needs for skilful movement.  Our soles are stable, strong and ultra thin; precisely engineered to maximise all that useful sensory feedback by minimising interference between your feet and the ground. 

It’s all a matter of personal preference. On a cold day, for instance, you might appreciate a pair of our Thermal Insoles. We recommend lightweight, non-restrictive socks, but they aren’t required if you’re sock averse. We believe that the ideal barefoot experience is insole free, but no one’s watching, so the decision is yours!

Our product pages will let you know if a shoe comes with a pair of our performance, thermal or everyday cork insoles.

Yes, but it’s best for any transition to barefoot to be gradual and supervised by a medical professional, especially if you’ve been using corrective footwear.

We’d recommend our Everyday shoes as an entry point, for everything besides long walks and running

For more information on barefoot and the Vivobarefoot brand, please contact the Vivobarefoot Customer Serivce team.

If you would like to give feedback about your purchase experience or the products you have received, you can do this by emailing our Customer Service team. We aim to get back to you within 48hours.


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Receive exclusive updates on promotions, news and product launches