About Us

Over 20 billion pairs of shoes are produced each year and more than 90% of these are likely to end up in landfill. At Vivobarefoot, it’s a pile of rubbish we don’t want to add to – and we’re sure you don’t either.

That's why we created ReVivo: our way to make sure Vivobarefoot stays on feet for longer.  ReVivo is our community of barefooters who want to do that little bit more; buying refurbished, returning used and getting well-loved Vivos mended, ready for more adventure.

And ReVivo will grow as we develop new ways to keep our footwear in use longer; producing less, wasting less, mending more and, ultimately, chucking out nothing at all. Because we want Vivobarefoot to be regenerative: for feet, people and planet.

This is the beginning of the ReVivoLution.


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