Re-Find Your Barefoot

Welcome to ReVivo, a platform to shop pre-loved reconditioned Vivobarefoot footwear as well as never worn stock from previous seasons. 

Even if you’re a barefoot old hand (or foot), we recommend measuring your feet before buying a pair of Vivos. 

The right fit allows your feet to move and strengthen naturally. And your shoe size might surprise you! Your feet can continue growing throughout your life, and are particularly likely to grow when you wear Vivos, which give your feet more space to grow into. 

The video below explains how to use our size and fit guide to measure your feet in centimetres. Below the video, the downloadable PDF size charts - for Women, Men, Juniors, Kids and Toddlers - help you convert your foot size into an EU, UK or US shoe size.


Sizing Science

Wearing Vivos resembles going barefoot. This gives your feet and toes space to move, strengthen and even grow naturally as your toes splay.

Your feet actually keep growing throughout your life - up to half a size every ten years. This is why it's so important to measure your feet!

We recommend leaving 6-14mm for your toes when sizing your Vivos. This might seem a lot, but research suggests that:

  • Kids' feet grow 5-11mm per year between the ages of 6 and 16. We recommend leaving about half a year of growing room plus some room for natural movement.
  • Adult and teenage feet can grow up to whole size (around 7-8mm) throughout the day, especially after exercise. If you have wide feet and/or high arches, your feet will grow more than narrower feet and feet with lower arches.
  • Some people prefer to leave even more toe space than 14mm, either to accommodate width or simply to allow a spacious fit. 
  • EU sizes 40 to 43 - so-called ‘crossover sizes’ - are common for both men and women. Men with narrower feet may prefer the women's equivalent product, and vice versa for women with wider feet. We see this on a daily basis!

Make sure you find your size using the appropriate chart, as men’s and women’s sizing is different. 

Sizing tips

Although we recommend leaving 6-14mm of toe space, this measurement will depend on how the size of your feet compares with the footwear sizes. Your perfect fit will depend on your foot width, and/or whether you prefer a snug or spacious fit. 

Our research suggests that if you measure towards the top end of the 6-14mm bracket (e.g. 12mm) but have narrow feet and/or prefer a snug fit, you may prefer to move down a size. That said, we recommend retaining a minimum of 4mm, however narrow your feet are.

If you’ve got wide feet and/or prefer a ‘roomier’ fit, you may like more than 14mm of toe space. 

But be careful! The risk of tripping and falling increases with longer footwear, so take care if you’re transitioning into a preferred size that’s larger than you’re accustomed to. Lots of Vivobarefoot customers have wide feet and enjoy 20mm toe space without a problem, but better safe than sorry.

Vivos are foot-shaped, not shoe-shaped

All Vivos are wide, thin and flexible. This is because your balance, strength and mobility improve as your feet move, splay and feel more - toes and arches included!

Strong feet reduce the risk of foot deformities and injuries (Garth et al., 1989; Curtis et al., 2021) and are associated with better balance and stability, especially as we get older (Pink et al., 2011; Cudejko., 2020). Children who run barefoot also jump higher, with shorter contact times (Mizushima, 2020).

Vivos are designed as close to barefoot as possible to realise these benefits - to regenerate both our feet and our planet.



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