At Vivobarefoot, we believe the most sustainable option for our footwear, is to keep them on feet for as long as we possibly can. The Revivo  programme gives our worn and returned Vivo footwear a new life; revived, reconditioned and made available to purchase. Re-Vivo provides our customers with the opportunity to support our on-going ambitions, of keeping materials in use for longer and diverting our footwear away from ending up in landfill.

We understand that shipping items has an environmental impact, but we do believe that keeping the materials used within our footwear in use for as long as possible, has a larger positive impact! We will continue to actively seek ways to improve our shipping and logistics going forwards.

Most revived and reconditioned Vivo’s on come are customers returns from that couldn't be resold as new and just need a quick refresh. A smaller amount comes from worn Vivo's sent back to us through our Take Back scheme.

As part of our efforts to keep our footwear out of landfill, we may also offer new out-of-season stock on Revivo from our other sales channels. These items are graded as "Never Worn".

Returned Vivobarefoot shoes are opened up and fully inspected by our repairs team. Products are then placed onto racking and put into our spray booth where they are fully steam cleaned, sanitised inside and out using Microfresh; award-winning technology to give long-lasting freshness to footwear.

Once dry, the shoes that require attention are put into our repair shop where our skilled craft team sort out any faults. The shoes are then re sanitised with Micro Fresh before being boxed and ready to be sold. 

Microfresh is an award winning technology designed to give long lasting freshness to homeware, footwear and a variety of other products. Originally designed to prevent the growth of mould on products in transit, it has additional properities that prevent odour causing and pathogenic bacteria. This makes it perfect for treating and cleaning our Revivo products.

Microfresh is gentle on the skin, including on babies and children. It is free from restricted substances and SVHCs. It is certified as DMF free and is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 approved in all 4 classes I-IV. 

Download Microfresh FAQs.

All Revivo shoes are treated with Micro-Fresh in the reparation process which offers a level of protection against and reduces contamination due to Coronavirus – it kills 80% more than an untreated textile.  More information on this can be found in their test report.

If Vivos are too well-loved to be repaired, refreshed and resold, we will store them until a regenerative end-of-life solution is available.

We now have a Take Back programme to collect worn Vivos in any condition. Free shipping is available to customers in the UK, US and EU. Please read more about it here


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