A new initiative to keep as many of our shoes out of landfill and extend their lifetime. Customers send us back their old pairs of Vivobarefoot shoes for us to refurbish and as a thank you we offer a 20% discount at Vivobarefoot or a £10 donation to the Livebarefoot Foundation. 

Process Online:

  • Fill out form at to register your old vivo’s.
  • You will be sent a QR code and Amnesty Reference number unique to your submission which you need to print out and put in the box (you can write down and include in packaging if no access to printer, if this is not in the box you will not receive your reward).
  • You will be given the choice to donate to LBF or receive a 20% discount to use in
  • Package your shoes up and send them back to the address provided.



  • Bring your old Vivo’s that you no longer want to London store and you will receive 20% of the same number of pairs that you have brought in.
  • These will be sent to Revivo, restored and resold to live on someone else’s feet rather than landfill!
  • You can register online and drop off instore and use your code, or you can just bring them in, no need to register.

Currently we only offer this service for Vivobarefoot shoes. We accept all Vivo shoes in whatever condition they might be in.

The discount code can only be used on full price product and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. The discount is valid for one product only and cannot be redeemed on multiple products in an order. Where multiple products are included in an order, the discount will be applied to the cheapest item. The discount is valid until end of Jan 2021.

The code will work on the following sites The following regions are excluded from the promotion: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Australia, New Zealand.

Unfortunately, yes, we do not offer free return labels. You can also drop your pair in our London store free of charge. *Currently our London store is temporarily closed following government guidelines.

This is NOT a repair service; you will send them off and not get them back. We are looking to launch a repair service later this year. Sign up to our newsletter and keep an eye on our social channels to find out more.  

Our shoe amnesty is a limited promotion to encourage customers to send their old, previously loved Vivo’s back to us no matter how long ago they made their purchase, no matter what channel they bought them from. Our goal is to keep as many Vivobarefoot shoes out of landfill and to give them a new live. The amnesty will not give customers a refund on their original purchase but will give them a 20% discount code on a new pair of Vivo’s or we can make a £10 donation on their behalf to the Livebarefoot Foundation. 


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Receive exclusive updates on promotions, news and product launches